Our Mission

Our Mission is to "Create Tomorrow's Responsible Citizens". MCF aims to shape the youth & make them capable of facing the challenges of the world. Physical & Mental fitness. Cadets learn how to deal with situations like natural disasters, accidents, and calamities etc. A physically and mentally fit person is less prone to medical conditions. Our aim is to train the cadets and make them participate and perform well in athletics, gymnastics, aquatics, boxing, wrestling, weightlifting, shooting, table tennis, lawn tennis badminton etc. We help to develop the overall personality of the cadet.

Shape India

Physical education in school is essential to the development of motor skills and the enhancement of reflexes. Hand-eye coordination is improved, as well as good body movements, which helps in the development of a healthy body posture. Physical education teaches students the importance of physical health. Global Talent International School is Excited to announce its collaboration with SHAPE India.
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RoboManiax Edutech Pvt. Ltd. is an Ed-tech Company providing young minds Robotics & STEM Education with hands on experience & assessment following the K-12 practical learning curriculum. We have RESK (Robotics & STEM Learning) Centers across 10+ cities of India like Kolkata,Guwahati,Pune,Mumbai,Bengaluru,Kerala,Delhi,Indore,Nagpur,Kochi etc. We are on a mission to deploy these RESK's in at least 100 cities of India & globally to reach the young minds.
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How does a Global Talent International School Students enjoy and learn in a robotics Session

1. Learns assembly of mechanical parts through the engineering process.
2. Learns to make assembly work through various means.
3. Learns basic fundamentals of physics and mechanics.
4. Builds own logic and thinking patterns to get the robot to perform various tasks.
5. Builds the student's confidence level and sense of creation.
6. Satisfaction, confidence, and achievement give a boost to value knowledge.