Parents Review

Parents Review Name of Parent(s): Atul Gandhul                         Name of Ward: Nirmayi  Gandhul

I am father of Miss Nirmayi  A. Gandhul (Sr.KG.).  First I would like to thanks The Head Mistress, Class Teacher (Sr.KG.) for nurturing, developing, making capable and finally appreciating my daughter for Scholarship Award 2017-18. As far as I am concern the progress of my daughter is above the satisfaction, not only academic but also extra curricular activities as a parent we are both satisfied with her development.  I would like to appreciate Sr.KG. class teacher for their special attention towards each and every ward with peer.

Concerning with GTIS infrastructure, faculty, sports development the graph is appreciable.  Yes school is in development mode, but we believe it will get name and fame for their academic activities in coming years.  All the best for great future. Thanking You.


Parents Review


Parents Review Name of Parent(s): Manisha Gadakh, Name of Ward: Ansh Gadakh


Babasaheb Gadakh

We are the parents of Ansh Gadakh.  Thanks the school management for avail facility to provide feedback about GTIS.  We glad to say you have provided such a wonderful opportunity to lean to our Kids.  GTIS is one of the best school in proximity of Spine Road with unique state of are facilities, well educated staff, caring auxiliary staff and a better infrastructure.

As three quarters are passed so we have many things to store with you as feedback.  Firstly, in short time school erected good infrastructure well equipped classrooms, disciplined staff.  Secondly, we have observed every kid is treated as special kid and special attention is provided to everyone.  Timely feedback to parents is provided.  We are experiencing improvement in our kid.  Thirdly, about extra curriculum activities, school also managed well in same.

Still there is lot of scope for improvements which will be discussed later on.  Considering foundation year's school is performing up to the mark.


Parents Review Name of Parent(s): Uday KumbharName of Ward: Niharika Kumbhar


Global Talent International School, organization is coming up as renowned school in PCMC in very short time. We found the school is second home for the children as they are eager to go to school every day. Our daughter likes the school as like as our home. We are seeing a continuous development of our daughter. A lot of its social gatherings, ability and patience of teachers and other supporting staff have brought in tremendous change in my daughter. She has demonstrated excellent positive skills, liking to do things creatively being social and participation in events and personal functions too. Every teacher dedicates their time to each and every child which was quite evident during annual day functions fancy dress, parent-teacher meetings and other activities.

GTIS lived to its expectations and performance and it's certainly a place I would recommend other whole heartedly. GTIS is one of the must-to-go school that can have a positive and welcoming change in every child's life making them competent to face their primary education.

A special that's and gratitude to principal who always thinks the best of each child. Thank you GTIS for giving us the right avenue to built good experience and focused parenting.

All the best GTIS.


Parents Review Name of Parent(s): Shubhangi BhuimbarName of Ward: Shlok Bhuimbar


The progress of our son has made over this year at the school has been amazing and there is no doubt it won't be possible without all your hard work and extra work you have provided.

My sincere gratitude to the Playgroup class teacher. They handled our son very well and giving personal attention to every kid, without this my son wouldn't have become comfortable in the class.

Thank you to all teaching staff for all the care and support.


Parents Review Name of Parent(s): Rajiv RathodName of Ward: Tanish Rathod


First we would like to thank all of them who build the GTIS and there all working members. GTIS organization system is very good. They focus on all things like teaching, sports, annual function and daily home work.


Parents Review Name of Parent(s): G.B. ManeName of Ward: Siddhanath Mane


Global Talent International School is very nice. Nursery class teacher is also nice. They teach very nice. All function and sports activity is nice. Yoga and Prayer teachers teaching properly. In our child progress is very good principal, all teachers and watchman is taking care of students.


Parents Review Name of Parent(s): रावसाहेब मढ़वईName of Ward: धनश्री मढ़वई


स्कूल के सभी रुल्स अच्छे है और बच्चे स्कूल मे होने वाले पढ़ाई का अनुकरण घर पे जब करते है तो तुरंत पता चलता है की आज क्या पढ़ाई की है। बच्चे हमेशा स्कूल टीचर के गुणगान गाते है। टीचर ने ये खाने को बोला सब्जी चपाती खाना, बाहरकी चिजे नहीं खाना। जब बच्चे घर मे सलाह देते तो बड़ा अच्छा लगता है। हमारी बच्ची जो स्कूल मे पढ़ती है उसमे हर चीज हर प्रोग्राम बहुत अच्छी तरहसे सादर किया जाता है, स्पेशली आज बहुतांशी स्कूल अपना नाम बड़ा करके बैठे है लेकिन बहोत से बच्चे फ़ेल होते है तो पता चलता की असलियत क्या है। बच्चे खुश हो माँ बाप खुश हो और स्कूल के सभी टीचर खुश हो तो बोलने की जरूरत नहीं। अपनी स्कूल बहोत जल्दी हौसेफुल्ल होगी और काफी बच्चो को माँ बाप को खुशी से बोलते आप लोग देखेंगे क्यूंकी संस्कार बहोत जरूरी है और वो काम ग्लोबल टैलंट इंटरनेशनल स्कूल कर रही है।